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Free weekly meal prep lists that put the joy back into the kitchen, instead of draining your will to live.  With themes and experimental plans, there is always something new to discover!

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    Bi-Weekly Meal Plan: 31 May to 13 June

    Last week I put out a few questions on our Instagram (follow us @thebalancelabexperiment) I wanted to know what you were looking for from The Balance Lab. I – am a dirty vegetarian. My husband is a full blown meat…

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    The Balance Lab Master Pantry List

    Master Pantry List Most recipes and plans here on The Balance Lab assume you have a steady stock of staples in your pantry. Having these things makes planning, budgeting, and cooking in a pinch a thousand times easier! You’ll rely…

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    Meal Plans

    Weekly Meal Plans designed to save time and take the stress out of cooking amazing things for your family – all completely FREE.

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    Weekly Meal Plan: March 16 – 20

    Get the links, info and printable recipe cards here! Note: Grocery Lists will be implemented in April. I am currently out of the country for work, but wanted to spread some food love! Please share with your friends and comment…