Embracing Change at Balance Lab!


If you’re new here, you can probably skip this post.

For anyone else who has followed my previous edition of the Balance Lab (complete with a misspelling, I can’t believe no one told me!), you may have noticed we got a brand new update! Everything will be cleaner and more crisp, and I will now begin adding my own recipes and fun touches to the site as it continues to grow and expand.

My mission: I want to help you cultivate a little balance in your life by using tools and tricks I have taught myself over the years as I myself have grown. Hopefully, you can use the free meal plans to spark some creative energy in your kitchen, and mindfulness tips to improve your daily state of being.

Perfection isn’t the goal here. Balance, efficiency, and connection are what I hope to bring to the table. Join me?

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Hi! My name is Kayla, and I’m so glad you’re here. I know firsthand what it means to be busy (I’m an active duty enlisted soldier, mama, surfer, yogi, business owner, the list goes on) and I want to help you find ways to make your journey a little easier. I started this blog as way to share meal prep recipes, and I cannot wait to see where it grows from there. My focus is less crap, less ads, less busyness and more actionable content, more things you can actually use without scrolling down a million miles to find a recipe or concept. I am sick of scrolling for ages trying to find a recipe, so here, I’m doing something different. It is the Balance Lab, after all. And you’ll notice I added “experiment” on the end. Life is a continuous experiment, and I hope through this blog you’ll feel free and inspired to try new things – as well as ground yourself in old ones.

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