Weekly Menus

Weekly Meal Plan: January 20-24

Theme: “I have no clue how much time I’ll have this week”





B: Blueberry Oat Smoothie
L: Asian Chicken Salad

D: Vegetarian “Beef” Chili

B: Mango Chia Pudding
L: Greek Salad
D: Grilled Chicken with Cauliflower Hummus & Roasted Chickpeas
B: Kale Smoothie
L: Roasted Veggie Mason Jar Salad
D: Vegetarian Pasta Bake
B: Scallion & Feta Omelet
L: Mediterranean Lentil Mason Jar Salad
D: Leftovers
B: Mixed Berry Smoothie
L: Fried quinoa Greek Box
D: Turkey Meatballs w/greens
Screenshot recipes on instagram @kaylpearson
Grocery List to Follow
I am hoping to link PDFs for all recipes and grocery lists. However, I am doing this meal prep as a time saver for myself so it is counterintuitive if it takes me longer to post than to make the prep list 🙂 As I get better at this, I will improve and add links and downloads. For now, copy/paste and print and follow me on IG for weekly updates via stories and IGTV! Happy cooking!

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